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The brilliant Lewis Lapham – old man inspires young minds:

  “When I look back on my own college graduation fifty-odd years ago I remember being worried about what came next. I thought that the future was a place—like Paris or the Arctic Circle. The supposition proved to be mistaken. The future turns out to be something that you make instead of find.”

Wondering what to wear today?

Wondering what to wear today? I’m reading Suetonius on Caligula’s fashion sense – an embroidered and precious stone encrusted cloak at public appearances with silk and women’s dresses teamed with military boots or women’s shoes. “Often he affected a golden beard and carried a thunder bolt, trident, or serpent-twined staff in his hand. He even […]

Elizabeth Jolley – all too human

Here’s my Sydney Morning Herald review (5/5/12) of Susan Swingler’s memoire, The House of Fiction – Leonard, Susan and Elizabeth Jolley, Fremantle Press Elizabeth Jolley was a tricky customer. In our radio interviews she posed as an eccentric, bird-like elderly lady, with singular dress-sense (she was fond of cheesecloth, cardigans and sandals) and she had […]

In the beginning…

Hello and welcome, At the moment I’m on a deadline to submit my new book of essays By the Book – a reader’s guide to life, to be published later this year by Text, In the meantime, here are some pages on events coming up, reviews I’ve written, selected radio and video podcast interviews with […]