Lost with Schulz in The Cinnamon Shops

Working on the latest draft of By the Book: A Reader’s Guide to Life, I am, of course, successfully distracting myself.

Even though I know this is the best part of writing, working on something that is already there, making it better, stroke by stroke, I have found myself reading a new translation of The Cinnamon Shops by Bruno Schulz. A story of getting lost, walking through open doors, anxiety, sensuality and imagination, here it is for you to do the same. http://www.schulzian.net/translation/shops/shops.htm


  1. Did you arrive at this via China Miéville’s wonderful Edinburgh piece from the Guardian on the future of the novel?

    1. Yes I did Kerryn. I should have mentioned it too. He used a quote from Schulz’s story as an epigraph for The City in the City.
      “Deep inside the town there open up, so to speak, double streets, doppelgänger streets, mendacious and delusive streets”. Mieville is a most impressive writer, and a very sympatico person to interview.

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