Missing my radio show? Me too, so now…Ramona Koval @THEMONTHLY

Since I left the ABC just a year ago to write some new books, I’ve been overwhelmed by the many requests for news of my return to talking about books and writing. Many of you are missing The Book Show and, it turns out, so am I.
Now that the first of these books has been published (By the Book: A Reader’s Guide to Life, Text Publishing) I’m pleased that I’ve found a place to continue doing the other things I love – talking to writers and talking about books, writing and ideas.

From early 2013 you can explore with me the world through books right here at the Monthly. We’ll look at the most interesting books being published in Australia, and you’ll be able to see my interviews with their authors and have engaging conversations with other readers. You can join the conversations each month, live as they happen, while you sit at home or in your office or wander the world with your mobile devices.

At the beginning of the month I’ll bring you the Monthly Book, and you’ll be able to read some of my own thoughts and watch an interview with the author. If you want to get more involved you can buy the book (you can do that here, too), read it, and join in the conversation.

I’ll also be posting recordings and transcripts of public events I’ve chaired all over the country, with writers and other public figures.

So join me for my next chapter – at the Monthly.



  1. “Missing my radio show? Me too, so nowRamona Koval @THEMONTHLY | Ramona Koval” was in fact a great blog post and therefore I was indeed quite pleased to locate it.
    Thanks for your time-Marjorie

    1. Merran Schoeffel (Higs) · · Reply

      Can I contact Ramona by email?

      1. Hi Merran,
        you can contact me via jane.novak@textpublishing.com.au
        Best wishes,

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