A deeply thoughtful review of Best Oz Essays 2012 by writer David Sornig


  1. Don’t you just love synchronicity? I have come to your site because I am writing a shout-out about your upcoming literary lunch at Burrinja Cultural Centre in Upwey to promote By the Book.

    And then I see you have posted this review on here by David Sornig, who surely is a fine writer and who was also a teacher of mine when I was studying at Victoria University a few years ago.

    And then in the first paragraph of his review David makes reference to the Papunya art movement, which I began researching on the weekend after going to see an art exhibition of some of its artists on Saturday. I had never heard of Papunya till now.

    Is it just me, or is this sort of synchronicity happening more and more often? Time to go and sit down and ponder the mechanics of the universe now 🙂

    1. I come across evidence of synchronicity all the time. I think it may be that our minds are primed to notice things that are exercising our interest at the time, things that our eyes would miss on other occasions. Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, I’m pleased you found this blog and look forward to coming to Upwey soon.

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