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The Childhood of Jesus – JM Coetzee | The Monthly

The Childhood of Jesus – JM Coetzee | The Monthly. After a journey by a boat, then a tragic accident, a man arrives at the Centro de Reubicacion Novilla, a resettlement centre in a new country where he does not know the local language. With him is a young boy. We hear nothing of their […]

On Turning

This is my essay commissioned by Hannah Mathews for her Action/Response project for Dance Massive. Ten artists used the essay as an inspiration for their own works, to be performed in the streets of North Melbourne on Friday 22nd March, 2013. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have imagined and made.    On Turning Here on […]

Thinking for Yourself: A conference in honour of Professor Robert Manne

At this conference, held at La Trobe university, I was amongst many writers and academics who were invited to speak about the work of Robert Manne in the many and varied fields in which he has made a contribution. Our panel was called “The Public Sphere”. This is an edited version of what I said: […]