Monthly Archives: July 2013

Interview with philosopher Rai Gaita on J.M.Coetzee’s The Childhood of Jesus

Here’s the video of this interview – the transcript appears below: RAMONA KOVAL: Well, it’s wonderful to be welcoming Rai Gaita to the Monthly Book to speak about our first choice for 2013, and that’s JM Coetzee’s The Childhood of Jesus. Now, normally, Rai, We’d be speaking to the author, but, as you know, JM Coetzee […]

My interview with writer Carrie Tiffany – The Monthly Book: August ’13

Carrie Tiffiany’s Mateship with Birds is The Monthly Book for August. Watch it here, or read the transcript below. Introductory notes: Carrie Tiffany’s inaugural Stella Prize–winning novel, Mateship with Birds, is set in the 1950s around Cohuna, a town in northern Victoria, and named after a 1922 book of bird notes by Australian writer Alec Chisholm. […]