Panel on writing creative non-fiction

I haven’t posted much lately as I am researching and writing my new book. However, sometimes I do emerge from my study to take part in events such as this one. It’s fun to talk with other writers about what we do and how and why.

This panel was convened at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre, and moderated by writer Lee Kofman. Writers Claire Wright and Kate Holden shared the stage with us.

This was a brief:

“For this discussion, hosted by creative non-fiction author, editor and teacher Lee Kofman, we’ve brought together some stars of Australia’s creative non-fiction scene. Our panellists discuss their own research and writing practices, their rules to write by and their heroes in the genre.

What defines creative non-fiction? How are attitudes towards creative non-fiction changing among writers, publishers and the reading public in Australia today? And do great works of this genre derive their energy from their authors’ ethical predicaments?”

To hear it, here’s the link: 


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