Vale Professor Jill Roe, writer and historian

Emeritus Professor Jill Roe died recently (12/01.2017).

One of the highlights of her work was to produce a substantial biography of Stella Miles Franklin, the author of My Brilliant Career, who herself  left a legacy that’s remembered every year in the Miles Franklin Award for Australian Writing and the more recently established Stella Prize for Women’s Writing.

In November 2008 I spoke to Jill on The Book Show  marking the publication of Stella Miles Franklin: A Biography. It’s the story of a feisty and smart young woman who had early literary success and who made a career out of agitating for women’s and workers’ rights and in journalism. It’s also a story of amazing application to the task of writing, whether the work was published or not, and it’s a portrait of the times in which she lived.

Stella Miles Franklin: A Biography
Jill Roe
Fourth Estate
ISBN-13 9780 7322 7578 5


  1. […] ‘Vale Professor Jill Roe, Writer and Historian‘ by Ramona Koval on her website. This includes a transcript of the interview Ramona Koval did with Jill Roe in 2008 for Radio National about the Miles Franklin biography. […]

  2. Thank you dear Jill Roe for the inspiration, the encouragement and the enabling that you gave to me and many others who have striven to ensure that the legacy of 19th and 20th Century women writers endures and sustains our culture. We stand on their shoulders. My subject, Dymphna Cusack, and yours, Stella Miles Franklin, were friends and collaborators, and I think that in a somehow spiritual way they brought about our contact and subsequent friendship. Serendipitous. My life has been enriched by them and by you. I have trodden a different path for the last 37 years where I met amazing people from the Old Left, idealistic visionaries who wanted to help make a better more humanistic world. They have taught me that to stand up for the good and the generative is the only path to take, however it is reviled in uncompassionate times.

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