Professor Deborah Lipstadt in conversation with me at the Sydney Opera House.

It was my pleasure to conduct a conversation at the Sydney Opera House with American writer and historian Deborah Lipstadt who is perhaps best known as the woman who was sued by Holocaust Denier David Irving, and who won the case after a legal struggle that stretched over six years. In Sydney for the Antidote Festival on October 1st 2019, she discussed her new book Antisemitism: Here and now. In which she draws our attention to the connections between racist right-wing nationalism, left-wing tolerance of hostility to Jews, the rise of Islamist extremism, the Politics of the Israel and Palestine conflict, antisemitism in American Universities and in the British Labour Party, and in all this manages to sound reasoned, fair and even optimistic. Here’s the video below of our conversation.



  1. Thank you Ramona, very moving and educational. What a marvellous person, what a beautiful speaker she is, and she felt confident to steam ahead knowing she had you there to support her by asking good questions, giving her plenty of space, enabling and protecting her. I’m really glad I’ve listened to this today. It was riveting. Di

    1. Thanks Di. I’m pleased you found it enriching.

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