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– “Goodbye and Good Luck“, essay in Split: True Stories of Leaving, Loss and New Beginnings, Edited by Lee Kofman, Ventura, 2019

– Bloodhound: Searching for my Father by Ramona Koval, Text Publishing 2015.

An intriguing and emotional journey, at times the memoir reads like a highly acclaimed literary mystery as Koval enlightens us in a very warm congenial tone. Identity and belonging and eventually the truth. Unputdownable, I savoured every page. A truly evocative read. Clare Calvet, Nightlife, ABC Local Radio.

 – Playing with Fire – Foreword by Ramona Koval to The Catherine Wheel by Elizabeth Harrower. Text Classics, 2014

-The Individual, the State, Mr Manne and Me, in State of the Nation: Essays for Robert Manne, Edited by Gwenda Tavan, Black Inc, 2013

“In early 2013 La Trobe University held a conference in honour of Professor Robert Manne, at which papers were presented by thinkers Manne has worked or argued with, and whom he most admires. State of the Nation compiles these original essays. They include innovative explorations of multiculturalism, social democracy, the future for Labor and the challenge of climate change. This is a book that shows how Australia is faring, good and bad, as it enters a new era of politics.”

– By the Book: A Reader’s Guide to Life, Text, 2012

‘She’s a shining presence in the world of literature, here in Australia and right across the globe.’


‘The book reads smoothly, it flows along from mood to mood, full of wit and beauty and grace.’

‘Her voice is always recognisable, invigorating, familiar to us and greatly loved: the voice of [a] highly literate woman.’

 Helen Garner


The Best Australian Essays 2012, Edited by Ramona Koval, Black Inc., 2012

Fire and Ice: On Slow Reading, Being Serious and Following your Nose – Manning Clark Lecture, National Library of Australia, 2012

The Terrible Strength of Angels; Foreword to Cosmo Cosmolino by Helen Garner, Text Classics, 2012

This is a fascinating book, with flashes of brilliance and scenes of piercing truth. Helen Garner is never boring; she is always an artist. And this gorgeous Text Classics edition is well worth buying not just for its striking cover, but for Ramona Koval’s illuminating introduction, which includes insights from Garner herself and a reflection on Cosmo Cosmolino’s place within her body of work.

Jo Case is senior writer/editor at the Wheeler Centre.

The Best Australian Essays 2011, Edited by Ramona Koval, Black Inc., 2011
Speaking Volumes: Conversations with remarkable writers, Scribe, 2010.
Jewish Cooking, Jewish Cooks, New Holland Press, 2009
In Praise of the Common Reader – Overland Lecture. Overland Number 189 2007
Tasting Life Twice – Conversations With Remarkable Writers. ABC Books 2005.
‘The Sarajevo Haggadah’. In The Best Australian Essays 2004. Edited Robert Dessaix. Black Ink 2004.
‘Pythagoras and The Turtle‘. In The Giffith Review. Summer 2003-2004
‘The Sarajevo Haggadah’. Brick Number 70 Winter 2002
Jewish Cooking, Jewish Cooks. New Holland Press 2001
Samovar.(a novel) Minerva – Heinemann 1996.
One to One. ABC Books 1993.
Too Many Walnuts. Heinemann 1993.
Eating Your Heart Out – Food, Shape and the Body Industry. Penguin 1985.

Thighs and Whispers in The Greatest Game, edited by Ross Fitzgerald and Ken Spillman. William Heinemann Australia 1988.

Review of Susan Swingler’s memoire House of Fiction, in the Sydney Morning Herald


Edited extract of my introduction to Cosmo Cosmolino by Helen Garner from SMH




  1. where can I get Eating Your Heart Out ?

    1. Thanks Dave. You have got a long memory. If you let me know where to send it, I have some copies here.

  2. Hi Ramona,

    Another Dave, another long memory. In 1995 you did an interview with Barrett Reid a few weeks before he died. It was in the Age 23/7/95. I wonder if you kept notes, or tape, and if they’re accessible to researchers.

    1. Hi Dave, I’m away from my desk for a couple of weeks so won’t be able to check if I have a fuller transcript till my return. You are free to use the interview for research.

    2. Hi Dave,
      Unfortunately I don’t have a transcript of the original interview in my computer.
      I think I used the recording for an ABC program though, so you could make an enquiry to ABC archives for a copy.

  3. Many thanks Ramona. Will do



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