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Kate Grenville with Ramona Koval

When: Friday 14 August 2020 8:00pm— Friday 14 August 2020 9:00pm

Price: Free

In challenging times it helps to connect through the power of stories and there’s never been a better time to discover a new favourite author. That’s why Dymocks has launched Chapter One, to bring author events direct to your home via Facebook. 

Dymocks have curated the best Australian and international authors to talk about their latest books, give live readings and answer your questions. This event features beloved Australian authors Kate Grenville and Ramona Koval discussing Kate’s first novel in nearly a decade A Room Made of Leaves and Ramona’s new non-fiction book A Letter to Layla.

* My new essay, For what has been and what will be, is published in  Grandmothers: essays by 21st-century grandmothers, Edited by Helen Elliot, Text Publishing, 2020

* It’s been very quiet around here as I have spent the last four years on the draft of my new book. However, I have an essay, Goodbye and Good Luck in a new collection, Split: True Stories of Leaving, Loss and New Beginnings, Edited by Lee Kofman, Ventura Press, 2019.


  1. marie marchetti · · Reply

    Dear Ramona, When will The World until Yesterday be discussed on-line? I loved the various encounters that took place about The Childhood of Jesus, even though I wasn’t mad about the novel. Jared Diamond’s book is proving to be of great interest and I am looking forward to anthropologists, sociologists and other experts perhaps exploring the ideas it raises and providing me with greater insights. Thanks for embarking on this terrific project, Marie Marchetti.

    1. Hi Marie,
      the discussion of this book on The Monthly Book will be on Tuesday May 29th at 8pm.
      I hope you can join us then – anthropologist Associate Professor Martha Macintyre will be my studio guest.
      My interview with Jared Diamond is viewable now at

  2. Dear Ramona, We would love to have you at our Book Club to talk about your new book: ‘Bloodhound: Searching for My Father’. Do you think you could come? It is in December 2015.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      All my appearances are organized by Jane Novak my publicist at Text. So get in contact with her. Email is on contact page.

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