Interviews for the Saturday Paper appear at the paper’s website as well as my home page.

Interviews for The Monthly Book done in 2013 and 2014 appear on my home page.

Reading and listening to these vintage interviews I see that I am always drawn to questions of how one evaluates a life, the getting of wisdom, facing death , the meaning of love, and whether a book ever changed the course of history. Big questions to which our writers give, for our delight, the best of answers. Here is a selection.

For more, you can read my book Speaking Volumes: Conversations with Remarkable Writers, Scribe, 2010

Harold Bloom –  influential American literary critic, discusses his latest work The Anatomy of Influence: Literature as a way of Life.

Anne Enright, Irish novelist and essayist on her novel the Forgotten Waltz

Jon Ronson, English journalist and broadcaster discusses The Psychopath Test

Dmitry Bykov, Russian novelist and public intellectual on his novel Living Souls

Michael Frayn, English novelist and playwright on his memoire My Father’s Fortune

Colin Thubron, English travel writer and novelist discusses To a Mountain in Tibet

Terry Pratchett, English fantasy writer on writing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Barbara Demick, American journalist on her book about North Korea, Nothing to Envy

Edith Grossman, American translator on her book Why Translation Matters

John Carey, English biographer on his book William Golding, The man who wrote Lord of the Flies

P.D.James, English crime writer on turning 90

Jonathan Franzen, American writer on his novel Freedom

Kim Scott, Australian novelist on That Deadman Dance

Simon Winchester, American writer on Atlantic: A Vast Ocean of Stories

Martin Amis, English novelist on The Pregnant Widow

Gerbrand Bakker, Dutch novelist on his book The Twin

Kate Grenville, Australian writer on her novel Sarah Thornhill

Video interviews 

In conversation: John Ralston Saul. With Ramona Koval | SlowTV | The Monthly.

Jostein Gaarder in conversation with Ramona Koval | SlowTV | The Monthly.

Junot Diaz in conversation with Ramona Koval. Sydney Writers’ Festival | SlowTV | The Monthly.

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