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New Essay – Goodbye and Good Luck

I have an essay, Goodbye and Good Luck, in a new essay collection called Split: True Stories of Leaving, Loss and New Beginnings edited by Lee Kofman , Ventura Press (2019). “In this compelling anthology of personal essays, curated by award-winning author Lee Kofman, some of Australia’s most beloved writers reveal, for the first time, […]

Panel on writing creative non-fiction

I haven’t posted much lately as I am researching and writing my new book. However, sometimes I do emerge from my study to take part in events such as this one. It’s fun to talk with other writers about what we do and how and why. This panel was convened at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre, and […]

On imaginary friends: Marguerite, Robert and me.

Whenever it happened, it came as a surprise. The writer I was about to interview would   murmur that they were deeply reluctant to speak about themselves. I would show them their own book and say that they had divulged the most intimate things already. Their books told us what they were thinking about and how […]