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Remembering Günter Grass…

Truth shines up through the cracks 16 September 2006 The Age The idea of an author rarely matches the reality, but character flaws are still insightful, writes Ramona Koval. I WAS IN EDINBURGH A FEW weeks ago, working at the International Book Festival, and I was called on by my ABC colleagues to report on what […]

Alice Munro, 2013 Nobel Laureate in an interview with Ramona Koval, Books & Writing 2005

Transcript Ramona Koval: Hello, welcome to Books and Writing. I’m Ramona Koval, and you’re on ABC Radio National. This week: a conversation with a writer who’s been hailed all over the world as the best living writer of short stories. Jonathan Franzen has argued in The New York Times that she’s the best writer of […]