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The New Yorker reviews my book Speaking Volumes.

A great start to 2014! Here’s The New Yorker’s review of literary interview books including my “Speaking Volumes: conversations with remarkable writers”, published by Scribe.

Thanks Shelf Awareness USA for this lovely review!

This is a great site for all things books and publishing. Here is their review of By the Book.

My interview with Lloyd Jones on A History of Silence – The Monthly Book for September

Transcript: Lloyd Jones in Conversation with Ramona Koval Watch the interview here. RAMONA KOVAL: Lloyd Jones, welcome to the Monthly Book. LLOYD JONES: Thank you, Ramona RK: Well, you and I have known each other for probably 20 years or so. Would it surprise you to hear me say that writing a memoir would not […]

The Monthly Book, September: Lloyd Jones – A History of Silence

At 20 Stone Street, little was known about anything except spot welding, knitting, rugby and the right time to plant cabbages and put in the tomatoes. The residue of family lore is light. Some of it sticks. But it is like learning an isolated fact, such as Moscow being the capital of Russia. One grandfather […]

Transcript of my interview with Anna Krien on Night Games for The Monthly Book

Anna Krien – Night Games – Black Inc. For those who like to read rather than, or as well as watch: RAMONA KOVAL: Anna, you’ve written about the conflict over Tasmanian forests, about justice and our treatment of animals, and now in this new book, Night Games, about sex, consent and power in the heady […]

The Monthly Book for June: Night Games by Anna Krien

Watch my conversation with writer Anna Krien about her new book Night Games. It’s our Monthly Book for June,  a razor-sharp analysis of how sport reflects our culture. The book centres on an incident that occurred in the wake of the 2010 AFL Grand Final: after Collingwood’s post-match celebrations, a young woman accuses a young […]

Monthly Book: May Live-stream discussion of Jared Diamond’s latest | The Monthly

Monthly Book: May Live-stream | The Monthly.